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True Passion For Technology

I am an experienced Software Engineer located in Dallas, TX. I have a true passion for technology along with real-world enterprise experience and excellent academic qualifications. Some of the projects I have worked on include web based apps, mobile apps, social media apps, web services, telephony systems, process based systems, reporting services, e-commerce sites, cloud hosting, etc.

Visit my Linkedin profile for more details about my background and experience or use the contact page for project request.

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Software Development


Actively working on Android development for both commercial and personal projects.


Past iPhone projects were in Objective-C. Once I learn Swift, I will go back to iOS developments.

Windows Phone

My windows phone apps are currently offline. Hope to bring them online if/when time permits.

Web Site/API

I prefer the combination of ASP.NET Web API & AmgularJS to create web app over traditional MVC.

.NET Framework
C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, Entity Framework
Lightweight & Responsive Design
Cross-Platform App Development
jQuery, AngularJS, TypeScript, etc.
Android App Develoment
Debug & Troubleshoot ;)

Demo Projects

Mobile Apps

Android apps are listed under my android developer site. All apps were written in Java. Project are not available in GitHub yet.

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This demo uses Northwind Traders database to demonstrate the UI portion of the CRUD functionalities.

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Some small demo projects mostly to explore APIs such as Twilio, Walmart, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

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